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Hyperbaric chamber

The Sechrist 3600E automatically switches from an initial high flow nitrogen purge rate system to a lower ventilation flow during the plateau stage of the treatment. Using a lower sustaining purge flow can allow savings of up to 65% of the oxygen that would normally be consumed. The lower sustaining flow also provides the benefit of lower noise levels for the the patient.

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-Robert Rutler
4 years ago
User manual and Service manual
I just bought a Used Sechrist 3600e hyperbaric chamber. I need to perform a complete inspection/maintenance on it now. It didnt come with any of the manuals. Likely most any Sechrist manual will work. Specifically today I need to find if it has a battery. I plugged it in yesterday and got a power indicator light, but no other electronics worked. Likely today I will find the battery is charged, but its 11 years old and therefore should be replaced. Location? A manual will save me a lot of time and assure I dont miss anything. Next question, there is a multi pin cable that connects on the left side near the door locking mechanism. What is the purpose of this cable and where does the other end connect?Reply


  • Using the O2 Conservation Mode, up to 65% less oxygen will be consumed per treatment compared to standard pneumatic chambers
  • Reduced oxygen supply requirements 95% oxygen level within 13 minutes at a minimum
  • Compression purge rate of 400L/min [*] Comfortable noise levels during the pressure plateau
  • Compresses the chamber at a variable rate that allows more comfortable ear pressure equalization
  • In the unlikely event that any of the electronic or pneumatic systems fail, the ECM will automatically create a Safe State environment
  • The ECM monitors the system for safe operation and will alert the operator to any unusual operating characteristics or system errors


Height61 in
Length 103.6 in
Weight2211 lbs
Width49 in

Additional Specifications

Internal Diameter: 35.50 inches (0.90 m)  Internal Length: 90.00 inches (2.29 m)  Patient Stretcher Dimensions: 30.5 inches wide by 91.5 inches long  Supported Patient Weight: 700 pounds

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