Sechrist - 3300E
by Sechrist

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Hyperbaric chamber

The Sechrist 3300E and 3600E hyperbaric chambers are equipped with the advanced Electronic Control Module. The Sechrist’s innovative ECM module significantly increases the oxygen conservation and patient comfort during treatment. The Sechrist electronic chambers are offered in two uniquely designed models. Both systems include the complete ECM module to control the compression rates and pressure. The Sechrist 3300E and 3600E automatically switches from an initial high flow nitrogen purge rate system to a lower ventilation flow during the plateau stage of the treatment. Using a lower sustaining purge flow can allow savings of up to 65% of the oxygen that would normally be consumed. The lower sustaining flow also provides the benefit of lower noise levels for the the patient.

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  • Compresses the chamber at a variable rate that allows more comfortable ear pressure equalization
  • Comfort Profile automatically adjusts the compression rate throughout the compression phase of a treatment cycle
  • In the unlikely event that any of the electronic or pneumatic systems fail, the ECM will automatically create a Safe State environment
  • The ECM monitors the system for safe operation and will alert the operator to any unusual operating characteristics or system errors


Height57.5 in
Length 102.9 in
Weight2030 lbs
Width46 in

Additional Specifications

Internal Diameter: 32.50 inches  Internal Length: 90.00 inches  Compatible Patient Stretcher Dimensions: 30.5 inches (77.5 cm) wide by 91.5 inches  Supported Patient Weight: 500 pounds

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