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Advanced Monitor Introducing the next generation of Camino

Attains new levels of parenchymal and ventricular monitoring through fiberoptic technology at the source          The Integra™ Camino® Advanced Monitor is a compact, portable device for monitoring intracranial pressure (ICP), intracranial temperature, and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP). ICP and/or brain temperature are measured at the catheter tip. CPP is calculated based on an external input of mean arterial pressure and measured ICP.

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9 years ago
Camino Advanced Monitor CAM01

Does anyone know the thermistor value that is attached to the battery connectors for the charging ckt.

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[list]          [*] Trend Analysis: Integra Camino Advanced Monitor provides continuous recording and display of ICP and CPP values over the most recent 12 or 24 hour period.          [*] High ICP Alarm: Detects a rise in ICP according to user selected values to facilitate early recognition and intervention.          [*] Intracranial Pressure          [*] Intracranial Temperature          [*] Cerebral Perfusion Pressure           [/list]

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