Summit Imaging - Summit Imaging Mobile
Manufactured by Summit Imaging

Now ultrasound support is available with the push of a single button.

Summit Imaging prides itself on being able to adapt to customer expectations in real time, and Summit Imaging Mobile is the natural next step. The push to talk feature allows anyone to instantly be connected to our team or, if you’re tied up at the moment, have us call you back when the time is right for you - whether it be 2 minutes or later in the afternoon. With this connection in your pocket you can pack up your tools and head out for the day and Summit Imaging will be right there with you.         
In addition to the callback feature, our instructional videos can also be viewed within the app, which makes for easy installation of complex parts on the go. Summit Imaging Mobile gives all the tools you need to repair your equipment quickly and efficiently where you need them most – in the field.         
Download the Summit Imaging app and get the support you need, anytime, anywhere. 
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  1. Fast Access to Summit Imaging Support Team         
  2. Have us call you back in 2 minutes during support hours         
  3. Call Support Now! Call Summit Imaging from your phone for quick access to technical support         
  4. Schedule a time that works for you for Summit Imaging to call you         
  5. Watch Training Videos from your phone         


App Size14.2 MB
App TypeMedical
Requires Android4.4 and up
Requires iOS8.2 or later

Additional Specifications

Version: 1.2         
Language: English

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Summit Imaging - Summit Imaging Mobile

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