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The award-winning Prosound A6 is the smallest and lightest system in its class.

Prosound Alpha 6, winner of the International Forum product design award, can be easily transported from exam room to the ICU, yet powerful enough to offer clinical performance with Broadband Harmonics, Directional eFLOW, Real-time 3D (4D), and store patient information.

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2 months ago
IFU regarding disinfection


We have an Aloka prosound alpha 6 model IPF 1701B ultrasound. We are looking to start high level disinfecting this item. Have Tristel HLD wipes been approved? Where in the IFU does it discuss options? I found a list of appropriate disinfectants for Aloka products, but didn't find my model. Thank you for any help. 



-mohamed hamoda
8 months ago
aloka prosound a6

how to delete patient data bases



8 months ago
User manual

I need a user manual 

Equipment: Ultrasound machine aloka prosound alpha 6

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  • Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG)- The most advanced broadband beam-forming technology combined with high speed image processing that allows for higher definition ultrasound imaging than ever before.
  • Broadband Harmonics (BbH)- Provides high quality imaging using an expanded range of harmonic signals. This technology results in excellent image resolution and sensitivity and improved penetration.
  • Adaptive Image Processing (AIP)- Clearly displays differences in tissues, reducing speckle noise while maintaining the frame rate. It can also display outlines more clearly by selectively emphasizing boundaries.
  • Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI)- The ultrasound beam is transmitted and received in real time and in the multiple directions resulting in a reduction of speckle noise, suppression of artifacts, and improvement of contrast resolution allowing lesions to be clearly observed.
  • Image Optimizer- At the touch of a button the B-mode image is instantly optimized to the user’s preference. This technology continually monitors the user’s typical settings to optimally adjust the image when pressed resulting in less manual adjustments and more efficient examinations.  
  • SmartProbes- The new high-efficiency probes are very lightweight and designed to be high in energy conversion to transmit high-quality ultrasound beams without raising the temperature on the probe surface. 

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