Dräger - Vapor 2000/ D Vapor
Manufactured by Dräger

Vapor 2000 is a vaporizer for volatile anesthetic

Dräger D-Vapor®    
The D-Vapor® offers the established level of dosage performance under all conceivable circumstances. When the D-Vapor is taken off the anesthesia system, the agent reservoir is hermetically tight and the devices can be transported in any position without prior draining. The 300 ml reservoir capacity allows plenty spare volume for refilling from modern large agent bottles.     
As expected the Dräger D-Vapor® is free from re-calibration and overhaul. The light weight of less than 6 kg, a wide range of agent delivery up to 18 Vol % and agent dosage after power failure ensures ergonomic and safe handling. All common mounting systems are available.     
Dräger Vapor 2000    
The Vapor 2000 is a vaporizer for volatile anesthetic agents with excellent performance. Originally developed for the extreme requirements of mobile army surgical units, these demanding ambient specifications benefit the normal, daily clinical routine in anesthesia.    
Moreover this offers clear handling advantages. It is simple to fill and large enough to hold a full bottle of anesthetic agent once the minimum mark has been reached. In addition, it can be turned to the "T-setting" and this does not have to be emptied prior to transport.



10 months ago
Can the steckadapter be removed from an ISO vaporizer and put on a sevo vaporizer Reply


a year ago

looking for schematic of Drager vapor 2000, internal and external

thanks you



-J Scot Mackeil CBET
2 years ago
factory PM procedure for vapor 2000

if anyone has an actual copy of the PM procedure for the dragger vapor 2000 vaporizer, could you email me a pdf copy? to thanks in advance if you do. J scot Mackeil cbet

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  1. Medical Vapor family offers is that there is no need to empty contents     
  2. no troublesome disposal of half empty agent bottles with the added risk of mix-ups    
  3. no risk of breakage    
  4. anesthetic agent remains where it is safest -inside a Dräger Medical Vapor.    


Concentration Range0.2 to 8 %
Flow Rate Range0.2 to 15 L/min

Additional Specifications

Concentration range     
Halothane 0.2 to 6%    
Enflurane 0.2 to 8%    
Isoflurane 0.2 to 6%    
Sevoflurane 0.2 to 8%    
Desflurane 2 to 18%    
Temperature range    
Ambient and Vapor temperature    
during operation 10 to 40°C; D-Vapor 18 to 30°C    
during shut-down (filled, control dial at »T«) 0 to 40°C    
during storage (empty, dry wick) –20 to 70°C; D-Vapor -20 to 60°C    
Filling volume for anesthetic agent     
about 360 mL with dry wick    
about 300 mL with moist wick    
300 mL D-Vapor    
Maximum angle of tilt    
during transport (control dial at »T«) any position and angle    
during operation 30°(10°D-Vapor)    
Vapor conforms to Standard    
EN 740     
ASTM F1161    
ISO 5358    
ISO 8835- 4 (2004)     
93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive    
The keyed filling system conforms    
to the following Standards for    
anesthetic-agent-specific filling systems:    
EN 1280    
ISO 5360    
23 mm Conical connector ISO 5356-1    
Warm up time* 5 min typical    
Battery power during power failure* 5 min typical    
Voltage* (nominal) 100 V till 240 V    
Frequency* 50Hz till 60 Hz    
Power consumption* (typical)    
< 460 W (warm up phase, 230 Volt)    
< 100 W (standard operation)

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