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The Saturn Evo Color anaesthesia ventilator is a high-end, fully equipped anaesthesia workstation.

The Saturn Evo Color is a compact, built-to-last anaesthesia trolley equipped with the high-performance bag-in-bottle ventilator complete with Medec’s unique safety features. The Saturn Evo Color is a highly efficient, easily operable and low-maintenance anaesthesia ventilator with several advanced ventilation modes, both volume-controlled and pressure-controlled.    The Saturn Evo Color anaesthesia workstation is a modular unit which can be upgraded to meet your individual needs. Several options are available to provide for a customised anaesthesia workstation, facilitating its integration into your operating room. A customised anaesthesia unit can become a fully integrated standalone machine, optimising the use of space in your operating room.    To further optimise the efficiency of the Saturn Evo Color a gas module can be integrated into the workstation. The gas module allows you to monitor all inspiratory and expiratory gas values, capnography and the measured MAC value. Automatic agent identification is included. The paramagnetic oxygen analyser has an unlimited life span and does not require any calibration, replacing the traditional consumable oxygen sensor. All gas module parameters, together with the ventilation parameters, are clearly visible in the Saturn Evo Color’s ergonomically positioned 10” display.

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-George Antecky
8 years ago
Service manual for Medec Benelux Saturn Evo Standard

Hi Guys,

I´m looking for service manual for Medec Benelux Saturn Evo Standard anesthesia machine. If anybody have and send me that manual, I will be really greatful for that.

Or anybody know how to get to service menu?

My email is


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[list]  Spontaneous or manual ventilation  [*] Manual/Spontaneous Ventilation Mode + VoluProtect    Volume-controlled ventilation  [*] CMV - Controlled Mandatory Ventilation + BaroProtect    [*] SIMV - Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation with built-in VOLUME SUPPORT (VS) + BaroProtect    Pressure-controlled ventilation  [*] PCV - Pressure-Controlled Ventilation with built-in PRESSURE SUPPORT (PS) With adequately set pressure trigger PCV becomes:    PC-SIMV - Synchronised Intermittent Pressure-Controlled Ventilation with built-in PRESSURE SUPPORT (PS)  [*] PSV - Pressure Support Ventilation with Apnea Backup    The Saturn Evo Color anaesthesia workstation also comprises  [*] 10” full-colour touchscreen with control knob    [*] ORC Rotameter (with 25% oxygen safeguard and oxygen alarm)    [*] Tripple Selectatec® vaporiser mounting system    [*] APL arm with Y-piece connector and bag hook    [*] Extendable writing shelf    [*] Patient tubing holder    [*] Three drawers    [*] Advanced absorber block (CO2 bypass) with soda lime canister    [*] Common gas outlet    [*] Integrated suction system with pressure gauge    [*] Three gas pressure gauges (O2, N2O, air)    [*] Three cylinder holders at back    [*] Anti-static castors with brake    [*] Integrated Gasovac for active scavenging system  [/list]

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