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Ultrasonic Cleaner 

The powerful patented CaviClean dual frequency technology provides powerful micromechanical scrubbing frequency of 132kHz which more than triples the commonly used 40kHz. The micromechanical scrubbing action efficiently cleans both hard to reach internal passages as well as the heavily soiled external surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaning at higher frequencies creates an abundance of minute vacuum bubbles which allow for cleaning to occur. These bubbles implode on and inside surgical device* surfaces in a process defined as cavitation. This micromechanical scrubbing action is able to reach small crevices, irregular surfaces, and internal passages to ensure proper and consistent cleaning.

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Caviwave Pro
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Water Usage
What is flow rate and required volume for DI water rinse cycle?Reply


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  • Automatically cleans, flushes, lubricates, and dries depending on unit configuration* 
  • CaviClean technology at 132kHz and 58kHz combines dual frequency scrubbing action 
  • Ergonomic automated tray for loading and unloading of surgical devices 
  • Capability to process new Xi™ instruments from Intuitive Surgical 
  • Multiple tank sizes and configurations to fit into your reprocessing space. 
  • Accessories available to allow compatibility of many different instruments and devices 
  • Automatic chemistry and lubrication injection** 
  • Can process up to 35lbs. of instruments. 
  • Drying tank
  • CaviClean technology at 132kHz and 58kHz combines dual frequency scrubbing action
  • Flush ports allow tank solution reach into internal passages. 
  • Delivers consistent results. 
  • Independently tested and validated by STERIS in partnership with Intuitive Surgical®

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