Ohio Medical - V5A Anesthesia Ventilator
by Ohio Medical

This product is Discontinued

The Ohio V5A is an anesthesia ventilator with descending bellows.

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-D. Rice
9 months ago
Operating Manual

I own two Ohio V5 anesthesia ventilators that I wish to donate to our local small hospital as they only have one ventilator, and although these two are older ventilators they are in excellent operating condition and in excellent physical condition as well and have never been used for anything other than human medical care. Should the need arise for a ventilator these older units would be better than nothing for a hospital with limited financial resources and an operating manual would be very helpful if one or both of theses units are needed for short term care until patients an be transported to a larger hospital. Thank you for any assistance that you may be provide in terms of obtaining an operating manual.



-S Gutierrez
5 years ago
Service Manual

I´m looking the Service Manual for V5 anesthesia ventilator by Ohio Medical

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