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Digital Detector 

The lightest weight FPD in its category and its thin size presents an easy retrofit to existing analog rooms, making D-EVO ideal for all types of diagnostic environments. The D-EVO offers a fast and easy solution to any facility wanting to improve workflow and take advantage of what being digital has to offer. Just add the D-EVO to your existing Bucky and you are ready to go!

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6 months ago
Fuji FDR D-EVO II G35 Panel detector is not connecting with console advanced
Fuji FDR D-EVO II G35 Panel detector is not connecting with console advanced can anyone help me out please? Reply


3 years ago
PM for Fuji Devo system
Does anyone have doc. on PM and cal. this unit.Reply


3 years ago
If anyone could help me with PM on Fuji Devo systemReply


  • Light! At only 6 pounds, the D-EVO is the lightest flat panel detector on the market making it more comfortable for technologists and for patients.        

  • THIN! Only 1/2 inch thick, making it easy for the technologists to slide the detector easily under patients        

  • Impressive Speed! 5 second Image preview and a 10 second cycle times help a busy environment improve productivity and offer a faster patient turnaround!        

  • Easy to use! Ability to off-center anywhere on the detector allows fast and easy positioning for trauma, pediatric and challenging imaging in general        

  • Impressive Image Quality! Fujifilm's 14 X 17" FPD with patented ISS technology (Irradiation Side Sampling) provides sharp, well-balanced images for consistent, highest quality imaging        

  • Detachable cord allows for flexible positioning and streamlined workflow. Ideal for stretcher and wheelchair imaging as well as cross table laterals

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