Coolview - 1400 XL
by Coolview

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Cool-View 1400 XL LED Headlight

The Cool-View 1400XL sets the new standard in medical illumination using a new breakthrough solid-state light engine. This unique patented system delivers brighter, whiter light with superior reliability. The Pure White light from Cool-View is the same light, color and frequency as natural sunlight. With this optimized output the eye processes color and contrast to deliver a sharper image to your optical nerves, reducing eye strain and helping you see better.

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[list]    [*] Adjustable Focus 50-120 mm.    [*] No bulb maintenance.    [*] Quiet operation.    [*] No Fiber Optic Cable Maintenance.    [*] Little to no ambient heat.    [*] Lightweight, with no tethers to hinder movement.    [*] 7.2 VDC low voltage operations.    [*] Up to 80% reduction in energy required over traditional lighting sources.    [/list]

Additional Specifications

Weight: 5.5 oz.    Optical Color Temperature: 6500 (Same as Daylight)    Color Temperature Tolerance: +/- .003    LUX Output at 14 inches: 140,000 LU X

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