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The Acuson Sequoia ultrasound system is one of the most reliable and cost-effective pieces of medical equipment available today.

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2 years ago
Customer manual
Morning How to download the customer manual of acuson sequoia US machine ? Thanks Reply


6 years ago
Acuson Sequoia S512
Hi everybody, I have a new Hard drive and MO drive with the latest software but as you can see, when I try to load the software from the MO Drive to the new hard drive,, the error below appears. FYI I also have to use Hyper terminal to access the system. Please help. Error: Device not ready[reset] MO Disk is not ready System error: MO Disk is not ready Please call Service. 1-800-888-7436 NMI i RAM found: 128MB (bank0: 64MB bank1: 64MB SIMMid: 0xad) Found total of 128 Meg memory Loading firmware ... SSP Firmware (Boot Monitor Module) Version: 2.32 [Built Apr 29 2008, 16:01:23] Copyright (c) Siemens Medical Solutions 1996-2008. Video Mode: NTSC FPP version - sw: 0x44, hw: 0x0 Starting Power Up Tests... SSP PUT Loader Version 2.0, Built Jun 1 2005, 20:30:13. start_addr 0x1000 length 0x2f000 PUT Version 8.0 BIN_TARGET (s9.51_rel) built by -- Fri Oct 28 00:27:44 PDT 2005 PUT: Passed RDP7(128M) PIC2 IOV2 BDM2(64M) MX3-GI PVI2[03] PVI_FPGA-10033522 VSC_FPGA-02282006 FPD Waiting for HD drive to be ready. No file system Could not find the file system File /lynx.os.ssp not found at HD disk at partition 1 Waiting for HD drive to be ready Could not find the file system File /lynx.os.ssp not found at HD disk at partition 6 Waiting for MO drive to be ready.................. Reply


-Bobby S.
8 years ago
Power Cord Inspection

We have a ultrasound machine in the shop and I pointed out the power cord needs to be replaced because it's twisted and distorted. My co worker doesnt believe that this condition of the cord is a concern. In my 30 years in the field some where I read that power cords in this condition are to be replaced but I can't find any documentation to support this. Any input would help

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[u]Acuson Sequoia Ultrasound Features[/u]

  • Cine, TEQ, and Full Dicom 
  • Color Doppler, Color Anglo & B-Color
  • Color Doppler Energy
  • NTHI Harmonics
  • Cardiac Calcs/ Reports Software
  • Spectral Steered PW/CW Doppler w / 1.9 MHz blind CW Probe                        

[u]Acuson Sequoia Ultrasound Applications[/u]

  • Cardiac 
  • Small Parts
  • OB/GYN
  • Vascular


Height53 in
Length 48 in
Weight402 lbs
Width26 in
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Trisonics, Inc. donates an Ultrasound System to the BMET program at Vincennes University.

Trisonics, Inc. donates an Ultrasound System to the BMET program...

Trisonics territory manager Tim Williams and customer relations manager Andrew Head had the honor of presenting the BMET program at Vincennes University with a donation of an Acuson Sequoia Ultrasound system.

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