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Digital Detector 

The Canon CXDI-55G Multipurpose Portable Digital Radiography System offers exceptional digital radiographic imagery, large area detection, and a detachable cable for time-effective transport and simple installation, in addition to the compact body. Equipped with a large 14 inch x 17 inch (35 cm x 43 cm) imaging area, the CXDI-55G Digital Radiography System can accommodate a wide variety of DR. The generous size is suitable for radiographic applications including skull, spine, chest, abdomen, and extremity examinations.

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-James Knight NV
6 years ago
Need refurbishment

I need a vendor who can refurb or exchange 9 year old detectors. Qty. 3.



-James Knight NV
6 years ago
Canon CXDI-55G refurbishment / repair

We have three 55G detectors used in our Vertex Rad rooms.  Does anyone know of a third party repair source?



7 years ago
CXDI-55G Self Diagnosis Fails Test E-1

The detector works well with normal use and it passes the performance test. When performing QA, the self diagnosis test E-1 fails (0 x 00000008) and tests B-1, C, and D pass successfully. If we perform a calibration, the self-diagnosis will pass all tests but the radiology QA tech states that this should be performed annually and not on every routine QA.

[Our software version is 1.40.2]

Any thoughts or suggestions? Do we need a software upgrade?



  • Thin and lightweight body              

  • Detachable Cable        

  • Power Box 

  • Immediate Results

  • LANMIX MLT(S) Image Processing          

  • Enhanced Productivity and Program Imaging Mode      

  • Canon's LANMIT® Technology


Height15 mm
Length 481 mm
Weight7.5 lbs
Width48 mm

Additional Specifications

  • Flat Panel Detector, Scintillator & Amorphous Silicon (a-Si)    
  • Sensor: LANMIT (Large Area New-MIS sensor and TFT)    
  • Imaging Area: Automatic Sizing Up to 14 x 17 in (35 x 43 cm)      
  • Standard Components: Sensor Unit, Power Box, Remote Switch, X-ray Interface Cable            
  • Image Acquisition and Processing     
  • Image Processing: MLT(M) and MLT(S) are included      
  • A/D: 14-bit     
  • Grayscale: 4,096 Grayscale (12-bit)      
  • Preview Image: 3 Seconds After X-ray Exposure      
  • Full Image Display: 8 Seconds After X-ray Exposure            
  • Data Output and Network Connection      
  • Network:Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T, RJ45 Standard, Wireless Optional      
  • DICOM: DICOM 3.0 Compatible, Print Management Service Class (SCU), Storage Service Class (SCU)            
  • Electrical and Environmental 
  • Voltage:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz      
  • Operating Environment: Sensor unit: 41-95°F (5-35°C), Humidity 30-50% RH (non-condensing)
  • The CXDI-55G is only 0.6 inches thick - the same thickness of standard film cassettes. 
  • The 7.5 pound (3.4 kg) device is light enough for use in trauma centers and ICUs.

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