Philips - M3015A CO2 MMS Module
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The M3015A Microstream CO2 Extension is designed for use by clinicians for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in Critical and Intermediate Care areas, in Operating Rooms and General Wards, and for transport inside and outside the hospital

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a year ago
Philips M3015A CO2 Pump Assembly

I have a few A M3015A units that need their CO2 pumps replaced.

Does any one have the part number or know of a vendor who supplies this part.

Thank you.



a year ago
Excessively Loud Motor

Is there a solution to a very loud flapper motor? running M3015A DE435 model, the motor functions, Flow rate are spot on, calibrates to Spec, but very loud motor as compared to other modules. 

any solutions besides replacing motor? Can I coat the internal flappers or motor rubber membrane with silicone lube? 

I would greatly appreciate insight as well. Like what causes a loud flapper motor, or is it really the flappers that are causing this. etc




2 years ago
Vacuum leak on CO2 MMS
Hi, I am new to CO2 MMS. Can you give me suggestions where a vacuum leak might commonly be? I believe its in the soleniod, is it repairable/refurbishable? I've taken apart the solenoid and pulled/extended the spring to give more tension to rest on the valve? Didn't help. I've check all other seals and o-ring but they seem okay. My tester is good and the hoses hook up directly to the assembly. Reply
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  • Microstream CO2 is a high performance Sidestream CO2 measurement with a very low sample flow rate that can be used on patients ranging from neonates to adults.
  • A wide variety of Microstream accessories is available for intubated and non-intubated patients, for humidified or non-humidified ventilation, and for CO2 measurement with or without supplemental Oxygen (O2) delivery.
  • Attached to the MMS, it provides a lightweight and rugged package that can be mounted to the patient monitor, or positioned close to the patient to reduce cable clutter and can be transferred from one monitor to another to ensure seamless data transfer with the patient.
  • All patient connections are fully electrically isolated individually for maximum patient safety.


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