Philips - M3015A CO2 MMS Module
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M3015A CO2 MMS Module

M3015A CO2 MMS Module

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2 days ago
Vacuum leak on CO2 MMS
Hi, I am new to CO2 MMS. Can you give me suggestions where a vacuum leak might commonly be? I believe its in the soleniod, is it repairable/refurbishable? I've taken apart the solenoid and pulled/extended the spring to give more tension to rest on the valve? Didn't help. I've check all other seals and o-ring but they seem okay. My tester is good and the hoses hook up directly to the assembly. Reply


-CBET Neil
2 months ago
need to calibrate a number of modules hosting on a M30 anesthesia monitor. Can I access through service mode on monitor, what is the service password?
need to calibrate co2 modules on MP30. What is service password?Reply


-Dale L
3 years ago
M3015A barometric pressure issue
The barometric pressure of the M3015A is too far out of spec, but cannot be adjusted because it is greyed out in the set up menu. Any suggestions?Reply
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