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Digital Radiographic Mobile X-ray System with Flat Panel Detector

Shimadzu’s High Power MobileDaRt Evolution EFX, incorporating the latest Canon wireless direct digital radiography (DR) technology, brings the ultimate in mobile DR imaging for general ward, trauma, ICU, paediatric and neonatal (NICU) departments. This battery-powered motorised mobile X-ray unit has the energy, when fully charged to manage a typical day’s workload. The fast system boot-up thanks to a solid state hard drive (SSD) eliminates irritating wait times. The cable-free wireless detector options allow convenient use and can be shared between multiple MobileDaRt’s and even fixed radiography rooms to maximise your investment.           
The MobileDaRt Evolution EFX’s intelligent Canon ‘NE’ imaging software controls the acquisition, manipulation and storage of the images within the unit and is intuitive and fast to use. Images are displayed at the bed/incubator side on the large, integrated touch-screen display just 2 seconds after exposure and can then be transmitted to PACS in DICOM 3.0 format for reporting using a wireless or wired LAN connection.

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shimadzu mobile DaRt evolution
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MobileDaRt Evolution EFX

need service manual

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  • Low chassis height ensures excellent forward vision           
  • Drive away immediately; no waiting around for the PC to boot-up before drive is possible           
  • SSD for very fast PC / DR system boot-up time           
  • With battery powered drive, integral independent drive motors, along with sensitive steering & speed enable effortless and accurate positioning of the MobileDaRt in confined spaces           
  • The tube support column rotates 270o and the ergonomic telescopic arm allows smooth, fast positioning of the X-ray tube           
  • The ‘Inch mover’ facility allows fine tuning of the unit’s position from the tubehead           
  • The optional second exposure switch allows the radiographer to acquire an image when they are positioned remotely to the trolley or bed           
  • Optional Keyless Entry with 10 different passwords customises individual user setup and protocols and means no more lost keys           
  • Optional wireless remote handswitch allowing collimator and exposure activation           
  • Back-up detector cable if wireless communication is not possible or is blocked

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