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Compact and Lightweight design to achieve easy maneuverability and good visibility

The essential features required in mobile imaging are available in manual-driven mobile x-ray system as well.The same design concept for MobileArt Plus has been reflected to MobileArt ECO. This system provides the highest maneuverability and operability, with high quality images.

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2 years ago
shimadzu mux-10
tube leakage technique Reply


3 years ago
service manual
Hi all please can any one help me with the service manual of shimadzu-mobileArt EcoReply


7 years ago
XCONT 2007

I have a problem with Xcont 2007 board.But I can't detect error of it exactly. So I need schematics of Xcont 2007. Anybody has schematics of it, please send it to me so that I can check the error of it.

Thank you very much!

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Well-balanced body

  • The main body fully balanced on large wheels enables to handle the system without stress in any situations. The wide frontal field of view and compact body which are also adopted in higher model can avoid risk of collision and injury.               

    Step Over               

  • With its large wheels and step mechanism for lifting the front wheels, you can "step over" obstacles very easily, such as the gap in the floor level or the entrance into the elevator.               

    High Quality Imaging               

  • To give the best image quality in mobile imaging, the same high-performance 60KHz inverter is incorporated in MobileArt ECO.               

  • Even with smaller power it efficiently produces high-quality images.               

  • The extensive anatomical programs (72types) are available in MobileArt ECO also.               


  • It is also available to expand the operational features of Mobileart ECO with the optional items, such as Phototimer, Radiation Shield, Parameter printer, and Infrared Remote Control.               

    Change Direction on the spot               

  • Direction can be changed on the spot, so very easily and smoothly.               

  • The system can move around even in confined space.

Additional Specifications

Power rating (max.): 12.5kW             
Tube voltage range: 40-125kV, 1kV steps             
mAs range: 0.32-100 (200*) mAs in 12.5% steps (*option)             
Tube current (max.): 160mA             
Maximum anode heat capacity: 140kHU             
X-ray tube focal spot size: 0.7mm             
Weight:260kg (with 200mAs option, 283kg)             
Cassette storage capacity: Ten 14'' × 17'' cassettes

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