Lumenis - 1041S, 1055S, 1081S
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The 40 watt 1041S model, 55 watt 1055S model and the 80 watt 1080S model laser systems feature a precise and consistent control of char-free incision and ablation. The high energy pulse mode characteristics of each model provide unique high frequency sequencing that automatically delivers the optimal output for char-free tissue effects at high and low power settings.

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Alarm no ignition on display
Hello, I have an alarm no ignition on to clear this alarm .What part need replacement? Reply


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settings and applications
Just need to review the applicable settings for types of procedures. Reply


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how can I clears a p03 code
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  • High utilization in every specialty    
  • SurgiTouch compatible for char-free, layer-by-layer tissue ablation    
  • Unique periscope design    
  • Weightless, spring-balanced arm with a 79” reach    
  • Motorized height adjustment    
  • Sleek design    
  • Small footprint    
  • Soft-touch control panel and user prompts    
  • Programmable memory protocols    
  • Large, brightly-lit display    
  • Second display on periscope for improved visibility from operating field    
  • User-friendly menus in most major languages    
  • Adjustable bright 5mW He-Ne aiming beam with continuous, “blinking” and “off-at-lasing” modes


Laser TypeC02
Height81 in Fully raised. Fully lowered-70
Length 21 in
Weight290 lbs
Wavelength10600 nm
Width15 in

Additional Specifications

SuperPulse Average Power: 0.5 to 17W / 0.5 to 20W / 0.5 to 20W    
SharPulse Average Power: 5 to 40W / 5 to 50W / 5 to 55W    
Pulse Width: 770usec (SharPulse)    
Pulse Energy: 150mJ / 200mJ / 250mJ (SharPulse)    
Peak Pulse Power: 430W / 800W / 430W (SuperPulse); 200W / 250W / 300W (SharPulse)    
Pulse Repetition: 5 to 20Hz / 5 to 50Hz / 5 to 40Hz    
Aiming Beam: 5mW red HeNe, adjustable intensity while lasing 
Beam Delivery: Articulated arm, 200cm (79") reach, 200° periscope rotation    
Controls: Soft touch panel, footswitch    
Timed Exposure: On time (CW & SharPulse), 0.01 to 1.0 second    
On time (SuperPulse), 0.05 to 1.0 second    
Repeat Delay: Off time, 0.01 to 1.0 second    
Memory Settings: 100 user-defined    
Cooling: Self-contained, closed cycle

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