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S.A.F.E.™ System

Edge Systems LLC’s original machine – the S.A.F.E.™ System Surgical Smoke Evacuator – The system is intended to provide a method of evacuating fumes and smoke generated during vaporizing of tissue in laser surgery. The smoke is drawn away from the surgical field and filtered to remove microorganism, particulate matter and odor, in order to reduce the possibility of infection in the patient. The system with all its accessories, is intended for use in hospitals, surgical centers, or doctor's offices by trained professionals. The S.A.F.E.™ System Smoke Evacuation System is a USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listed Class ll medical device (Class l medical device in the EU). GMDN Code 37861. The FDA Listed Class II Device SAFE System smoke evacuator is built to handle any type of surgical smoke. Costs are low to purchase and operate.             
The function of the product has removal and filtration of laser and surgical smoke. The features of product is economical. Due to the real time filter, life pressure gauge .The solid has only 9″ x 9″ footprint, 14″ high. Costs are low to purchase and operate. Edge Systems also adds OEM services and sells vacuum tubing in distinct sizes.

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-Arthur Ioanides
2 months ago
Filters required
Ionia Medical used to distribute the EDGE evacuator in Australia and we have lots of customers requesting filters - just wondering if it is still possible to purchase the pre-filters and Big-Boy filter, and is the evacuator still produced in 240VAC versions?Reply


-MedWrench Mandy
a year ago
Parts Needed
Hello - A user is looking for a replacement part for their SAFE System Smoke Evacuator. They need to replace the foot pedal and the piece that the foot pedal connects to in the back of the unit. On the bottom of the foot pedal, there is a name "Press:Air:Trol with the information of Mamaroneck, NY 10543. The repair tech said he thinks the white piece and the foot pedal would likely be sold together as one unit. Do you know where we can find this part?Reply


-Julie Weck
2 years ago
User Manual, IFU for Smoke Evacuator needed
Hoping someone can share a copy of the User Manual for the Edge Systems Smoke Evacuator model: S*A*F*E SYSTEM, part: 10000 . Thank you, Julie 732-282-0002, email julie@drnagy.comReply


  • Economical: Due to the real time filter life pressure gauge (competitors run a timer on the motor)                 
  • Compact: Only 9″ x 9″ footprint, 14″ high. The small, convenient size is a perfect fit on shelves or cabinets, and won't crowd your floor space.                
  • Quiet: Less than 52dBA, quieter than the competition                 
  • Improved Technology:The filter life is more effectively measured using a pressure gauge, ensuring maximum usage, saving you money.           
  • Variable Speed: Customize the flow for each procedure.           
  • Footswitch: hands free operation. The unit can be turned off when not in use by using the footswitch, and can be easily reactivated. This extends the life of your filters.


Weight28 lbs

Additional Specifications

Filtration: ULPA: 99.999+%@ 0.12 micron                 
Electrical: 100-120 VAC, 50/60 HZ – 220-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ                 
Tubing: Vacuum Tubing 7/8″ x 8′

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