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The dual chamber model 5392 is the next generation temporary pacemaker with both single and dual chamber pacing capability.

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6 years ago
Medtronic 5392 External Pacemaker - DC leakage testing
Hi all, I noticed in the Medtronic 5392 External Pacemaker Technical Manual there was a mention of performing the following tests: 1. Battery Drain Test 2. Off Current Drain (10uA maximum) 3. On Current Drain with backlight and lower screen off (5.9uA maximum when measured away from pacing peaks) I am using a Fluke Biomedical SigmaPace 1000 External Pacemaker Analyser, but I cannot work out how to perform the test using the kit. There is a jig that comes with the SigmaPace 1000 that allows for these tests on a Medtronic 5388 & 5348 external pacemaker, but the battery is a single 9V and the jig doesnt fit with the 5392 model. Any information on how to perform these tests on a Medtronic 5392 external pacemaker would be greatly appreciated. :)Reply


6 years ago
language settings
Hi, is it possible to change the language of the pacemaker, i cant find any menu to do so thanksReply


8 years ago

1. In the manual there is no requirement for sense amplitude check.

I still think it is relevent.

2. Also the old current drain test device used with the fluke sigma pace no longer works,

3. The pluse refractory period test values have changed substantially from the 5388.





5392 Dual Chamber Temporary Ex...
5392 Dual Chamber Temporary Ex...
5392 Temporary External Pacema...
5392 Dual Chamber Temporary Ex...


  • Single and dual chamber pacing capability
  • Simplified device set up and use
  • Improved low battery indicator
  • Extended operating time during battery change
  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage
  • Enhanced user interface with improved visibility and increased responsiveness 
  • Added security of battery latching mechanism and IV hook
  • Elimination of temporary heart wire connectors and side bails
  • Meets new government standards - RoHS and 60601-1 (3rd edition)


Height20.3 cm
Length 4.45 cm
Weight680 g
Width8.6 cm

Additional Specifications

Basic Pacing Rates: 30-200 ppm          Upper Rate: 80-230 ppm          Rapid Atrial Pacing Rates: 80-800 ppm          Output Amplitude          [*]Atrial: 0.1-20 mA           [*]Ventricular: 0.1-25 mA          Pulse Width          [*]Atrial: 1.0 ms           [*]Ventricular: 1.5 ms          Sensitivity          [*]Atrial: 0.4-10 mV           [*]Ventricular: 0.8-20 mV                    A-V interval          [*]Paced A-V (PAV):           [*] 50-250 Auto          [*] 200-300 Manual           Sensed A-V (SAV):50-250          Refractory Period           Atrial: 150-500 ms (PVARP)          [*] Atrial Refractory after an Atrial event is equal to the AV interval           Ventricular: NA          Ventricular Blanking          [*]Pace: 200 ms           [*]Sense: 120 ms        Battery Life: 9 days typical, 7 days minimum

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