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Digital Detector 

Avanse DR is a state-of-the-art system for digital upgrade of radiography devices with the latest generation flat panel detectors. It seamlessly transforms your existing film device into a digital radiography system with all the advantages of digital imaging including higher image quality, lower dosages, shorter examination times and lower operating costs.

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3 years ago
EI numbers hot
AVANSE DR USERS-The techs are saying even though they are using ridiculously low techniques, their EI numbers are registering very high. Any thoughts? Reply


3 years ago
Anyone else having issues with random lines on images, even after the detector has been calibrated and a "patch" downloadedReply


  • Improve diagnostic reliability through higher image quality  
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating film  
  • Reduce exam times with image on screen in seconds  
  • Increase diagnostics flexibility with digital image processing  
  • Reduce dosages through high sensitivity digital flat panel detector  
  • Turn your existing system into DR with minimal investment  
  • Flexible detector configuration  
  • Advanced anatomy driven image processing  
  • Automated image stitching  
  • Remote device control with smartphone-tablet console  
  • Simple three step exam workflow  
  • Complete DICOM integration: mulitple PACS, MWL, CD, Print 

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