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ALOKA ProSound SSD-3500 ultrasound model is distinguished as a system engineered with digital front-end technologies for more sophisticated systems.

Developed for high-precision radiology and musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging, the ProSound SSD-3500 is highly preferred by specialists for its exceptional ease of use, super high-resolution digital imaging mechanism, and versatile compatibility to an extensive line of specialty transducers for enhanced diagnostics.                            

The ProSound SSD-3500 was designed with ergonomics, mobility, and user-friendliness to benefit both physicians and patients in mind. Its sophisticated yet simple interface design enables user to easily customize the frequencies and settings to suit specific application.            

In addition to real-time 3D/4D imaging capability, Hitachi Aloka’s ProSOund SSD-3500 also offers technologically advanced features including Quint Frequency Imaging (up to 5 transmission frequency selections), Tissue Harmonic Echo, Multi-Beam Processing, Dual Dynamic Display, angular M-mode, and 12 bit A/D converter, among others.

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8 days ago
Monitor is green and no display intermittent
Any troubleshooting advice to resolve the issue? How do I open the bottom part of the machine to change the VGA cable or swap the monitor? Please advice..Thank youReply


4 months ago
Operating manual
I need operating manual for aloka sad 3500. Thank you..Reply


6 months ago
Need solution
Hi Please help me need solution for Keyboard dysfunction ThanksReply
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  • The high-performance, ALOKA ProSound SSD-3500 utilizes advanced ProSound technologies
  • Fully digital beam former  
  • A wide dynamic range, 12-bit A/D converter  
  • Multi beam processing
  • The SSD-3500 also helps you achieve more efficient examinations. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design enables you to customize the system according to your specific application needs                 

 A Better Diagnostic Tool

  • High performance digital imaging capabilities
  • An easy-to-use ultrasound system
  • Aloka’s SSD-3500 combines the latest in digital processing technology with high resolution transducer engineering to deliver a powerful ultrasound system for examining the musculoskeletal system of the body.   
  • SSD-3500 is the perfect system to detect problems with muscles, tendons, joints, and soft tissue.  
  • Diagnosing tendon tears (e.g., tears of the rotator cuff in the shoulder) 
  • Diagnosing bleeding or other fluid collections within the muscles, bursae, and other joints 
  • Easily guiding therapeutic needles  
  • Identifying the degree of vascularity associated with inflammatory processes  
  • And because ultrasound is a dynamic imaging modality, impingements and tears are easily visualized on the monitor.                         

Digital Processing/PixelFocus 

  • A 100% digital processing technique that allows the SSD-3500 to focus down to the pixel level to provide for very high quality spatial resolution for improved visualization of clinical detail.                

 High Performance12-bit A/D Converter 

  • Achieve high-quality images with the broad dynamic range and high contrast resolution with our 12-bit A/D converter.               

Digital Storage   

  • The SSD-3500 supports data storage in multiple formats including DICOM, TIFF, JPG, and BMP using its iDMS (Intelligent Data Management System) software.                 

 Color Doppler         

  • Wide dynamic range ColorFlow, PowerFlow, and Tissue Doppler Imaging provide outstanding analysis of blood flow morphology.

Dual Dynamic Display (DDD)         

  •  Simultaneously display two B-mode images (with and without color flow) to easily show the relationship between the morphological information and the blood flow of the region of interest.                 

 Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE)         

  •  The SSD-3500 utilizes second harmonics, which include much less side lobe artifact and noise, and provides improved tissue differentiation with increased contrast resolution. This also helps imaging of difficult-to-exam patients such as the aged and the obese.                 

 Small Footprint        

  •  In a crowded office setting, space if often hard to find. Surprisingly, the SSD-3500 takes up little space. And with its adjustable monitor and keyboard, the SSD-3500 is easy to use and comfortable to operate.        
  •  Digital Proccessing/Pixel Focus            
  •  Color Doppler            
  •  Dual Dynamic Display            
  •  Tissue Harmonic Echo             
  •  Small Footprint            
  •  Multibeam Processing


Height149 cm
Length 79 cm
Width49 cm
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