The Compella™ Bariatric Bed, Hill-Rom’s latest advancement in bariatric care, can help overcome barriers to streamline workflow

The new Compella Bariatric bed offers caregivers the ability to effectively care for patients of size with innovative features that enhance patient dignity, drive efficiency and ease of use and provide safe patient care.                                    When caring for patients of size in an acute care setting, one of the greatest challenges is to ensure that the patient is treated like any other patient – with the dignity and respect they deserve. Compella offers caregivers the ability to maintain dignity for patients of size, by providing a care setting with a bed designed to resemble a standard hospital bed. Additionally, industry-leading features mean that caregivers can care for patients independently, and that patients feel a greater sense of self-sufficiency when using Compella.

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4 years ago
bed beeping
the bariatric bed us continuously beeping 3 time, how do i make it stopReply


4 years ago
Compella service manual
Hello does anyone have a compella service manual that you can send me? Thanks in advance! jaimegarcia@texashealth.orgReply


-Paul Haddad
7 years ago
IntelliDrive® XL
Has anyone who has the Compella bed experienced issues with the IntelliDrive XL unit?Reply


Hill-Rom® Compella™ Bariatric Bed | Advancing Bariatric Care


[list]                  Streamlining Workflow            [*] IntelliDrive® XL powered transport helps enable safe and efficient transport of patients throughout the hospital            [*]EXCLUSIVE Powered width expansion reduces time and effort involved in adjusting the bed to accommodate patient size and transport needs            [*]FlexAfoot™ length adjustment enables quick and easy adjustment of bed to fit patient, minimizing migration and need for repositioning            [*]Real-time connectivity, NaviCare® Nurse Call and status boards provide real-time visibility of staff activity, bed status and patient protocols                        Delivering Safe Patient Care            [*]Programmable Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) supports protocols for preventing ventilator associated complications            [*]Head-of-bed angle indicator and alert provide responsive monitoring and protocol compliance            [*]3-mode bed exit supports fall prevention protocols, while the silence feature keeps alarm engaged and ensures alert is set without relying on constant caregiver intervention            [*]Choice of surface options designed to help prevent and treat skin breakdown                Enhancing Patient Dignity            [*]Enhanced design, color and styling are consistent with other Hill-Rom standard patient beds            [*]Sturdy siderails and easy access to patient controls and trapeze allow patients to confidently reposition themselves for greater independence and self-sufficiency    [/list]


Height47 cm to 68 cm
Length 256 cm
Patient Weight Capacity454 kg
Width135 cm

Additional Specifications

Transport Height: 43 cm    Head Section Angle: 0-48°    Knee Section Angle: 0-16°    Reverse Trendelenburg/Trendelenburg: +9°/-9°    Sleep Deck Width: 102-127 cm

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