BD - BD Accuri C6 Plus
by BD

Introducing the next generation BD Accuri personal flow cytometer

The BD Accuri™ C6 Plus offers simplified workflows and ready-to-use templates for performing a wide range of applications in flow cytometry. When combined with the portfolio of BD reagents and best-in-class service and support, it is an ideal solution for life science researchers performing routine assays in cellular analysis, while also reducing operating costs.       
This new generation platform has several optimized enhancements to the internal hardware, fluidics, and software while maintaining the core elements of the prior platform such as the unique, non-pressurized, peristaltic pump system and compact exterior design. The ability to use BD CS&T RUO beads helps users with simplified QC methods, improving reliability of the experimental data.

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  • Highly sensitive: MESF <75 (FITC) and <50 (PE)1     * Non-pressurized peristaltic pump system     * Event rates up to 10,000 events per second     * Supports sample collection from multiple sources, including     * Uses laboratory-grade water as sheath fluid     

    Flow cytometry within reach      Easy to use, simple to maintain, and affordable, the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus      personal flow cytometer brings cell analysis within reach for new applications      and new flow cytometry users.     

    Easy-to-Use Software with Automated QC and Application Templates      BD Accuri C6 Plus software features an intuitive user interface. Even new flow cytometry users find it so easy to learn and use that most can collect and analyze data in less than an hour. Software options and instrument controls are clearly visible from the softwares tabbed interface     

    Immunophenotyping and Cytokine Analysis      Immunophenotyping was one of the first applications of flow cytometry, and for over 20 years, BD Life Sciences has actively supported groundbreaking immunological research with flow cytometry systems and reagents. The BD Accuri C6 Plus is an ideal benchtop platform for core immunophenotyping studies and is configured for rapid and accurate analysis of up to six parameters at the single-cell level. A broad dynamic range of detection makes it easy to analyze cells as varied in size as platelets and eosinophils in the same data file.      

    Rapid Analysis of Multiple Cellular Processes      A personal flow cytometer in the lab provides many advantages for cell and cancer biology studies. When cells are ready for analysis or rare tumor samples arrive, its crucial to have a flow cytometer at hand, ready to go.      

    Characterizing Stem Cells and Their Derivatives      A primary challenge of stem cell research is to detect target cells within inherently heterogeneous cell cultures. The BD Accuri C6 Plus is ideal for this kind of research because of its ability to analyze the expression of multiple surface and/or intracellular markers at the single-cell level, quickly and simply.     

    Microbial Analysis Across a Range of Applications      In the diverse field of microbiology research, flow cytometry is a versatile and powerful technique for analyzing microorganisms including bacteria and yeast. The BD Accuri C6 Plus can provide rich data in a range of microbiological applications, such as measurement of gene expression, monitoring bacterial and yeast fermentations, recombinant protein production in bacteria, environmental research, food processing, and monitoring drinking water.      

    Advanced Capabilities Expand Detection and Flexibility      The BD Accuri C6 Plus is designed for compatibility with advanced polymer dyes such as BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515 (BB515),which can help you detect low-density antigens and rare populations. Developed from patented technology and based on Nobel Prize-winning chemistry, BB515 is significantly brighter than FITC.


Height11 in
Length 16.5 in
Weight30 lbs
Width14.75 in

Additional Specifications

Sample Tubes:12 x 75-mm (or smaller)      
Decade Dynamic Range: 7.2 (16 million channels of digital data)

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