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Puritan Bennett 590 Oxygen Concentrator

The Puritan Bennett 590 Oxygen Concentrator takes normal room air and, using a series of sieves, filters, and a compressor, removes the Nitrogen from the air, thereby increasing the oxygen content of the resulting air to up to 96%. They are used by patients with chronic respiratory ailments. The resulting concentrated oxygen is then delivered via an output tube from the unit to either an oxygen mask, tracheotomy mask or connector, or to a nasal cannula.

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3 years ago
Opening the housing
Hi, I am using a Puritan Bennett 590 to supply oxygen for melting glass, so not for medical purposes. I need to check the hose connection nut inside the unit, but cannot get the housing open. I have removed the screw located at the base of the unit, but it will not release towards the top. Am I missing another screw somewhere. How do I get it open please?Reply


-Jim G
8 years ago
PB 590 low o2 concentration alarm

My Puritan Bennett 590 starts up OK, but then kicks off after 5 minutes with a low O2 concentration alarm. The filters seem fine, I've replaced all the hoses and there are no leaks. What else could be wrong? Thanks!



Height25.4 in
Length 16.5 in
Weight59 lbs
Width12.5 in

Additional Specifications

Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz, 3.3 amps, 400 watts  Flowrate: 0-5 lpm with .25 liter increments

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