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BSM-1700 Transport Monitor

During transport, it is important to maintain a high standard of care regardless of the patient’s acuity level or location. Setting a new standard in transport monitoring, Nihon Kohden’s model BSM-1700 can be used as both a stand-alone transport device, or as part of an enterprise monitoring system.                When connected to a Nihon Kohden bedside monitor, the BSM-1700 acts as both an input device and as a transport monitor. When you are ready to transport your patient simply disconnect the BSM-1700 from the host bedside monitor and your patient can be transported with full monitoring capabilities. When the patient arrives at their new care setting and the BSM-1700 is reconnected to a host monitor, patient information, including full disclosure, arrhythmia recall files, tabular and graphics trends and ST data is automatically uploaded to our enterprise monitoring system creating one seamless patient record.

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[list]        [*] Functions as a compact transport monitor, stand-alone monitor, or as an Input Unit for the BSM-6000 or BSM-9000 series bedside monitors        [*]Allows seamless transfer of data between bedside monitors and central stations        [*]5-hour battery life        [*]Lightweight at only 3.4 lbs.        [*]High-resolution touch screen display        [*]Comprehensive data storage        [/list]

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