CPAC - Cox Model 6000

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Rapid Dry Heat Sterilizer

CPAC Cox Model 6000 Sterilizer

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[list]         [*] Updated to latest microprocessor technology for precision time and temperature control.  [*] Greatly reduce risk of DLK (Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis) due to the absence of water.          [*] The COX RAPID DRY HEAT STERILIZER utilizes dry heat rather than steam and pressure to sterilize which increases safety.          [*] It won't dull or pit your instruments or cause them to rust, thus extending the life of every costly instrument.          [*] Dry heat sterilization does not require a dry cycle that adds to the sterilization cycle time.          [*] No need to purchase supplies such as distilled water, rust inhibitors, or chemical solutions.          [*] The superior speed of the COX STERILIZER gets instruments turned around to you quicker, reducing the amount of instrument investment.          [*] Virtually maintenance free.  [*] Integrated USB port for recording or printing cycle data.          [*] Use your own thumb drive for paperless data storage.  [/list]


Height15 in
Length 17 in
Weight50 lbs
Width17 in

Additional Specifications

Cycle 1: 6 minutes for unwrapped instruments          Cycle 2: 8 minutes for hand pieces and medical drills          Cycle 3: 12 minutes for wrapped instruments        

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