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The Sigma 8000 performs all of the functions of the 6000+ Programmable pump, and uses the same standard IV sets. Additional features of the SG 8000 include the ability to be field-calibrated for any one of the three manufacturer’s tubings (earlier Sigma models are hard-calibrated at the factory), offers profile TPN infusion programming, entering time and total volume to be delivered, and can be run with the same set for 72 hours (instead of the normal 24) before tubing must be changed without affecting its ± 5 % accuracy. An integral free-flow protection system prevents the set from being withdrawn from the pump without closing the line clamps. New technology built into the sensor system reduces the number of nuisance air-in-line and occlusion alarms, long a problem with earlier Sigma models. Future options will include PCA and bolus-dosing operation, acceptance of syringe applications, time/volume primary and secondary delivery, and calibration of the pump to accept other manufacturer’s tubing, such as Medical Specialties’ Medstream products.

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3 years ago
Trouble Shooting
has anyone run into an error code of iiiii iiii Turn on the pump and I get a bunch of iiii iiii iiii Reply


5 years ago
Sigma 8000 vs Simga 8000 Plus

Does anyone know the differences between the 8000 and 8000 Plus? Except the main PCB, are the parts interchangeable? Please advise

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