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The Cleo is a new and intuitive approach to patient vital signs measurement. The Cleo can be configured to measure any combination of: non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, rapid temperature, and capnography (EtCO2).        Weighing in at less than 3 LBS the portable Cleo is well suited for any patient care area by offering a multitude of vital sign combinations. The Cleo can be used as a basic pulse oximeter or configured to a NIPB/SpO2/Temp spot check monitor. Cleo can also be configured to be a stand-alone capnograph or combination capnograph/SpO2/NIPB monitor. The Cleo is well suited for both bed side and mobile spot check use.        The Cleo simplifies clinician use by incorporating a touch screen with a simple user interface making the Cleo intuitive for any user. A long life lithium Ion battery is standard and many mobile mounting solutions’ are available for the Cleo.

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3 years ago
I need help on how to handle my Edan Vital signs monitor Model Cleo 5835, it is switching itself off after few minutes, what can be the problem, needs agent help.?Reply


6 years ago
Info on Patient Monitor
How good is Infinim Patient Monitor, is it worth? What's special about the product and does it have any complaints?Reply
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