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This product is Discontinued
For Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, Dental and Survey. Accu Pro is a member of the Accu Family Instruments.

CT dose ion chamber sensor recommended by AAPM Report 111 for use with modern wide beam helical CT scanners. With our kVp mammography sensor calibrate Hologic Selenia W-Rh, Ag tube kVp's. For Gold Standard mammography dose measurements with all anode - filter tube combinations, current and future, use our 10X6-6M ion chamber.                                            [b]INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY[/b]                      Easy use, quick setup, convenient portability-all in one compact system.                                            [b]VERSATILITY AND ACCURACY[/b]                      Basic and advanced measurement functions for Critical Acceptance Testing and QA consistency tests, including scatter and FDA leakage requirement tests.                                            [b]EXTENSIVE SENSOR SELECTION[/b]                      Gold Standard Accu-Dose Ion Chambers, (independent of beam quality), Compact Dose Diodes, Accu-kV kV sensors and Invasive/Non-invasive mA/mAs sensors, for all your measurement needs.                [i][b]This item is discontinued[/b][/i]

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8 years ago
RadCal Accupro kV block (40X12-W) Error Code

Does anyone know that "Exposure too strong" could be?

Ok up to 70 kV then we get the error message. Standard testing (as we have always done) same error on 2 different base units & different cables plus different x-ray units.




[list]      [*] Ion Chambers - Independent of beam quality and recommended for AEC use      [*] Simultaneous Measurements - Measures kVp, Time, Dose, Dose Rate, mA/mAs and more      [*] FFT kV - Accurate kVp measurements for AMX4+ and AMX 700 portables      [*] Flash HVL - Displays HVL and beam filtration for Diagnostic kV sensor range      [*] mA/mAs - Invasive and Non-Invasive sensor options      [*] Data Capture Software - Auto data capture, waveforms and templates      [*] Plug and Play Sensors - Chambers and sensors are interchangeable with any "Accu" system      [*] Backward Compatibility - System accepts 10X5 and 10X9 series Radcal Ion Chambers (adapter required)      [/list]

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