Nihon Kohden - Cap-ONE CO2 Sensor
by Nihon Kohden

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Carbon Dioxide Monitor 

Using advanced miniaturization and sensor technology, we have substantially reduced the size of our traditional mainstream sensor. This new sensor is attached to a disposable oral and nasal adapter and placed directly at the point of expiration. Therefore, you can achieve the same level of quality and reliability found in traditional mainstream CO2 monitoring and apply these benefits to non-intubated patients as well as intubated patients without any of the hassle and cross-contamination concerns found in sidestream technology systems. Even if your patients are oral breathers or nasal breathers or under high humidity conditions you can achieve excellent results with Cap-ONE sensors.

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  • MH-Z19C NDIR infrared gas module is widely used in
  • HVAC refrigeration
  • HVAC control panel/Thermostat
  • Indoor air quality monitoring.
  • Smart home appliances
  • Air purification equipment
  • CO2 detector/Monitor

Additional Specifications

  • Breath to breath EtCO2 values
  • Very low dead space for added accuracy
  • No condensation issues
  • Integrated airflow pressure interface
  • Built in interface to JE-921, PSG-1100 and JE-120 amplifier for polysomnography
  • Standalone OLG-2800 model with DC output channel interface

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