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The WalkMed PCA pump is a continuous infusion pump with Bolus dosing capability.

WalkMed line of pumps are small, weigh less than a pound and have a long battery life making them ideal for a variety of ambulatory infusions.           In addition to its compact size, the pumps have a protective cover that contains the drug safely during the infusion process.           WalkMed ambulatory pumps are highly regarded for trouble-free performance and infusion accuracy.

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-Biomed Plus
7 years ago
PM procedure
Need PM procedure for the Walkmed infusion pumps? Does anyone have the procedure?Reply


8 years ago
walkmed pump

My partner has a walkmed pump and when he primes it for a bolus it gives off a beep and says there is an occlusion in the line. We keep checking the cord but the lines look fine. He has already ended up in the hospital as his last pump stopped working. He says it is still delivering the bolus but it will only prime for ten seconds at a time before the occ alarm starts. We then have to press stop and then start to get the occ signal to stop and the pump to start delivering again. Do you have any ideas why this may be happening? It is Friday and we cant contact the palliative care team to ask them for help until Monday. Please help us

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Height4.4 in
Length 1.8
Flow Rate Range0.1 to 19.99 ml/h
Weight0.81 lbs
Flow Accuracy5 %
Infusion Pump TypePatient-Controlled Analgesic (PCA)
Width4 in

Additional Specifications

Infusion Mode Continuous infusion with Bolus dosing      Total Volume Limit 1 - 1,999 mL    Concentration (mg/mL) 0.1 - 99

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