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The Arctic Sun controls the temperature of the water circulating through the ArcticGel Pads via a patient/temperature feedback loop.

The clock on cooling rates begins when the therapy begins. Treatment with the Arctic Sun can be initiated within a matter of minutes. Published studies indicate the hypothermia cooling rates achieved with the Arctic Sun average 1.0-1.5°C/hour. To control the temperature of critically ill patients, the Arctic Sun is the safest method.

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  • Induction: Treatment can begin within minutes. Once the patented ArcticGel Pads and the patient temperature probe are in place the target temperature is set and the Arctic Sun does the rest. (Roll over chart above to view this phase.)   
  • Maintenance: Once the Arctic Sun senses that the body is approaching the target temperature, the water temperature in the pads begins to increase in order to maintain the target temperature for the prescribed period of time. (Roll over chart above to view this phase.)  
  • Re-warming: The re-warming rate can be programmed as degrees per hour or set to be accomplished over a pre-set duration. The Arctic Sun can rewarm a patient as slow as 0.1°C per hour. (Roll over chart above to view this phase.)   
  • Hydrogel-based ArcticGel Pads similar material to that used in wound dressings        
  • Non-invasive: does not pose additional patient risks of infection or DVT        
  • Pads can remain in place during MRI, CT Scan, and X-ray procedures—time and nursing labor are optimized
  • No leaks: Through patented technology, water flows through the ArcticGel pads under negative pressure. Inadvertent punctures do not leak water into the critical care environment


Height30 to 39.5 inches
Length 22 in
Weight105 lbs
Width12.5 in

Additional Specifications

Electrical: 115 VAC  

Screen Display: 5.5 x 8.75 in

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