Ferno-Washington - 35-ANM
by Ferno-Washington

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35-ANM Mobile Transporter Series

The Ferno Model 35ANM MR conditional cot is designed for use with MRI and in specialized medical treatment areas where the cot must be non-magnetic. Includes all the great features of the standard 35A.

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[list]    [*] Built in shock frame    [*] Manually adjustable back rest    [*] Sturdy x frame undercarriage is easily raised by second EMT during loading    [*] Lightest cot available with a 500 pound (227 kg) load capacity    [*] Built-in shock frame and fully adjustable gas-assist backrest to enhance patient care    [*] Safety U-bar and hook holds the Mobile Transporter at the rear of the ambulance during unloading as undercarriage is lowered to the ground    [*] Low foot-end lifting frame enables shorter EMTs to get better leverage when lifting the Mobile Transporter Head-end drop frame and foot-end lead handle for improved EMT control/maneuverability    [/list]


Height9 - 40 inch range
Length 63 - 79 inch range
Weight74 lbs
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
Width24 inches
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