Sorvall - RC 6 Plus
by Sorvall

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Capable of operation in more than one mode to meet a wide range of applications.

Run conditions are selected using the touch keyboard. Actual and set run conditions are displayed. For your protection, system interlocks keep the centrifuge from starting if the chamber door is open, and prevent the door from being opened if a run is in progress and the rotor is spinning. System interlocks will also automatically terminate a run in progress if a system malfunctions.       
The RC6 Plus drive system has a high-frequency brushless motor for fast separations and reduced maintenance.       
The refrigeration system, charged with environmentally- friendly CFC-free SUVA® refrigerant, offers reliable performance similar to other Thermo Scientific Superspeed centrifuges. The high-capacity refrigeration system is a low temperature, hermetically-sealed unit that consists of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator/rotor chamber, and interconnecting tubing. When the centrifuge is running, the refrigeration system will maintain selected temperatures within the range specified for the centrifuge.

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a year ago
Open door alarms beeping
open door alarm won't stop even when the door are closed. it's a sorvall RC6 any advice? How to open the door? I turned it off and turned on still cant open door.Reply


2 years ago
Drive Crown
How to replaceReply


4 years ago
Error 38
How to clear error 38Reply
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  • Meets all CE and CSA safety requirements without bolting the unit to the floor       
  • Powerful refrigeration system keeps samples from damage due to heat or freezing       
  • Compatible with many Sorvall RC-6 and RC-5 series rotors       
  • Corrosion-and fatigue-resistance       
  • Rotors are compatible with Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles and tubes for complete centrifuge solutions


Height1112 mm
Length 835 mm
Weight350 kg
Maximum Speed22000 rpm
Width757 mm
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