Cutting Edge - 40W
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40W CO2 Surgical Laser

The Cutting Edge 40 watt CO2 Laser System sets a new standard by combining the advanced features of previous models with a new metal CO2 canister, improved user interface, and unprecedented 25 watt peak power SmartPulseTM technology.

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[list]          [*] Enhanced CO2 Canister: The RF excited source allows for a metal canister that provides an estimated 2-3 times longer life than glass tubes          [*] SmartPulseTM Technology: 25 watts of peak power in Super Pulse mode ensures optimum incision efficiency while minimizing collateral tissue damage          [*] Improved User Interface: Double the size high resolution touch screen display with on board surgical reference guide          [*] Balanced Titanium Articulated Arm: 360 degree hand piece rotation          [*] Aiming Beam: Visualize energy before firing for improved accuracy          [*] Automatic Calibration: No delays associated with daily calibration          [*] Beam Integrity: Consistent energy delivery with no loss of power          [*] Autoclavable Hand Pieces: No costly waveguides or tips to replace          [/list]


Laser TypeC02
Height118 cm
Length 54 cm
Weight136 lbs
Wavelength10600 nm
Width42 cm

Additional Specifications

Power Source: RF Excited, Metal Canister    Control Panel: LCD color touch-screen    Peak Power: 270W/25W SmartPulse mode    Average Power: 40W (CW) at the hand piece output    Aiming Beam: Diode, 4mw, 635 nm    Control: Microprocessor    Control Panel: LCD color touchscreen

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