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A complete QA solution for dental X-ray

A simple-to-use meter for a routine inspection of Intraoral and CBCT X-ray equipment in dental clinics. Especially suitable for acceptance tests, constancy tests, and routine quality control. Now upgraded with detector input. Measure DAP, mAs, lowest-dose rates, light, CTDI, and more! Cobia DENTAL comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity which makes it possible to use it together with the Ocean Next™ software on a laptop or tablet PC.

For everyday “check ups” - The Cobia DENTAL is especially suitable for acceptance tests, constancy tests, and routine quality control of Intraoral X-rays. The basic need for a dental clinic calibration check of kV and exposure time is covered with the standard kV model of Cobia Dental.

Ease of use -Cobia DENTAL is designed for “ease of use” which is accomplished through easy positioning and possibilities to choose your preferred language together with a powerful and clear color display.

RTI dental solutions - Cobia DENTAL is designed to be the meter used by the dental clinic staff. For more advanced QA of Dental X-ray equipment, RTI recommends our multimeter – the Piranha – together with our QA software Ocean Next™.

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  • Easy to position with no position dependence
  • Large, rotatable display
  • Log/History function
  • "Plug n Play" function
  • Pulsed radiation analysis
  • Full Auto range for kV, TF, and Sensitivity
  • Bluetooth and USB communication
  • Solid-state detectors = no need to compensate for temperature & pressure
  • Built-in energy compensation
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Always free firmware upgrades
  • Up to ten-year warranty
  • Two-year Calibration Cycle


Height138 mm3
Length 76 mm3
Weight290 g
Width27 mm3

Additional Specifications

  • Size 140 × 78 × 28 mm³
  • Weight Approx. 280 g
  • Power source  Int. battery / Ext. power supply
  • Battery life 10 - 20 hours
  • Display Color, 320 x 240 pixel
  • Auto compensation All dose parameters are automatically compensated for using measured kVp and TF over their specified ranges.
  • Standard Complies with relevant parts of the standards IEC 61674 and IEC 61676 for dosimetric instruments
  • PTB Approval DE-15-M-PTB-0005

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