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DeSoutter# CC5 Cast Saw

The DeSoutter# CC5 CleanCast system combines the CC5 low voltage saw with integrated dust extractor, and the portable CC5 extractor unit. This combination offers ergonomic design as well as performance and durability.             [i][b]*This is a Cast Saw*[/b][/i]

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8 years ago
re: DeSoutter CC5 Clean Cast Saw

Hi, Looking for a service manual if anybody can help.



[list]      [*] Low voltage saw operates at only 25v d.c.      [*] Two speed control on both saw and extractor. Quiet low speed setting is ideal for children, whilst high speed setting allows thick body casts to be cut quickly      [*] Insulated rubber motor mounts reduce vibration to the operator's hand      [*] Integrated dust extraction path through the saw hand piece provides better visibility and handling whilst eliminating the need for an extraction hood      [*] Insulation of the internal mechanisms results in an extremely low sound level of 68db(A)      [*] Four levels of filtration on the CCS extractor achieve a filtration level of 99.9997% on all dust particles greater than 0.5 microns      [/list]

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