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The T-2100 treadmill’s extra-long, 60-inch surface provides an extra margin of safety for patients. Its zero start feature gradually builds up speed for safe and smooth operation. And it can be gradually to a gradual stop, or stopped immediately with the standard emergency stop button. Full front and side handrails are also standard on the T-2100 treadmill.  
With fewer moving parts than other treadmills, the T-2100 treadmill delivers extremely smooth, quiet operation that facilitates accurate blood pressure measurements even at high workloads. Thanks to digital microprocessor control, its settings never need to be calibrated. And a 450-pound weight capacity and speed range of 0-13.5 miles per hour set the T-2100 treadmill apart from other devices.

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5 years ago
software to operate
We acquired a GE T2100 treadmill to donate to a local assisted living facility but didn't do our homework and need the software to operate it. GE Healthcare wasn't very helpful. Anyone have any suggestions or the software needed to run this that they'd be willing to donate. Any help appreciatedReply


6 years ago
Intermittent loss of communication
During a test the unit will stop and the monitor will display " of communication with ergometer"Reply


  • 60-inch walking surface 
  • Standard full handrail set
  • 0 to 13.5 mph speed range
  • 0 to 25 percent grade range
  • Enhanced tolerance to electrical changes for greater patient safety
  • 3.0 horsepower motor
  • Self-calibrating for speed and grade


Length 60 in walking area
Weight450 lbs
Width18 in Walking area

Additional Specifications

  • Floor Space Required: 29 x 77 in/73.7 x 195.6cm 
  • Walking Surface Height: 5.5 in/14 cm
  • Handrail Height Above Walking Surface: Front - 40 in/101.6 cm, Side - Max 35 in/88.9 cm 
  • Input Rating: 200 - 240 VAC 
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz 
  • Single-phase
  • 20 Amperes
  • NEMA 6-20 Wall Soccket (Dedicated Circuit Recommended) 
  • Maximum Rated Load: 450 lbs/204 kg
  • Belt Speed Range: 0 - 13.5 mph (220 VAC/60 Hz continuously variable)
  • Driver Motor: 3 HP
  • Elevation Motor: .1 HP
  • Elevation Range: 0 - 25% grade (continously variable)
  • Maximum Leakage Current: 100ΜA, chassis to ground

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