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Designed for xenon anaesthesia

The initial impulse for the development of the Akzent X came from clients and international health care teams who were already using Xenon gas for anaesthesia on a routine basis. In answer to their requests for a universal anaesthesia unit (to be used in varied types of anaesthesia, including Xenon) we developed the new Akzent X. The Akzent X was designed in close cooperation with the anesthesia department of a leading university and therefore evolved according to the requirements of anesthesiologists. The result is a universal anesthesia unit which can be operated with either Xenon gas, N2O or other volatile anesthetic agents. Akzent X can be deployed in semi-open, semi-closed and completely closed breathing systems.

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4 years ago
akzent color service manual
Dear Friends I have problems in akzent color and need service manual kindly who have it pass yo me ,y email: appreciate your support best regards Dr.Yahya Reply
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[list] [*] Closed ventilation system for xenon anaesthesia [*] Economical, low consumption xenon anaesthesia [*] Anaesthesia with xenon gas,N2O and other anaesthetic agents [*] Integrated ventilation system, designed for minimal fl ow, low fl ow, high flow and xenon anaesthesia [*] Tidal volume starting at 5 ml (optional) [/list]


Height30.3 in Mobile unit
GasesAir, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen
Length 9.44 in Mobile unit
Vent ModesV-CMV Pressure curve: linear, square wave Leakage compensation P-CMV Pressure curve: linear, square wave SIMV Pressure curve: linear, square wave (pressure controlled)
Width29 in Mobile unit

Additional Specifications

Power supply Mains 90-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 110 VA Battery 12 V DC, minimum 30 min Gas supply AIR, O2, N2O, Xenon 3-6 bar + 0.5 bar Operating modes of the ventilation system Closed (only for: Xenon/O2 or Xenon) Semi-closed Semi-open Manual ventilation/spontaneous ventilation Stand by FG out (Additional fresh gas outlet)

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