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Rehab Trainer 

The Monark 881E Rehab Trainer can be used as either a leg or arm ergometer. It is suitable for use either in the home or in hospitals, where a physiotherapist can pre-scribe an exercise program, but is not always present to supervise it. The Monark Rehab Trainer can be used by physically handicapped patients such as para-plegics and amputees as an upper body ergometer and trainer. The Monark Rehab Trainer is especially important for people who have been hospitalized and require rehabilitation based on reliable measuring methods. It's flexibility as an upper or lower body ergometer makes it extremely useful for patients who are confined to wheelchairs or who use walking aids. Likewise it can be used as a cardiovascular upper body workout for paraplegics, amputees or people who suffer from other physical handicaps. Thanks to it's reliable measuring methods the Monark Rehab Trainer is an excellent aid to recovery after injury or long term illness.

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2 years ago
looking for a broken bolt replacement
would like to by the bolt that hold the Crank arm to the Crank axle, let me know please if it is available thanksReply


-ERS Biomedical
7 years ago
parts for repair
Anybody know where to get parts for these units?Reply


  • Resistance can be calibrated 
  • Graduated scale in Watts, showing the workload at 50 r/min 
  • Electronic readouts of pedal r/min, total pedal revolutions and time 
  • Crank arms are individually adj. both horizontally & vertically 
  • Control knob for adjustment of brake force


Height550 mm
Length 540 mm
Weight22 kg
Width470 mm
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