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The modular, efficient anesthesia system. 

In close cooperation with renowned physicians at home and abroad, F. Stephan GmbH has succeeded in the on-going development of an anaesthesia system which fulfils all possible requirements in terms of reliability, robust design and efficiency. ARTEC stands out particularly with its clear operation concept and modular structure which permits an optimum configuration for every specific requirements profile. A proven concept which can be combined with the oxygen generator STAXEL for fully autonomous operation, with its own oxygen and AIR generation. Whether for daily use in hospitals or for crisis and disaster regions, ARTEC guarantees outstanding results and is almost indestructible.

The ideal addition to the anaesthesia system ARTEC which can be equipped with an internal battery as optional feature, is the ventilator ABV-U with a large number of ventilation possibilities and safe monitoring of stenosis, disconnection and power failure. Other almost indispensable components for optimum patient care include the anaesthesia gas monitor NGM 1000 together with an O2 and volume monitor, each with adjustable alarm limits.

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9 years ago

The Green Ballow deshapes when unit is operating. What will be the solution for this problem?



11 years ago
anaesthetic apparatus

anesthetic apparatus that has oxygen concentrator built in suitable for low income countries

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  • Economical, robust, reliable 
  • Intuitive operation concept 
  • Modular configuration through to stand-alone solution with own oxygen supply


Height55 in
GasesAir, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen
Length 24 in
Weight187 lbs
Width30 in

Additional Specifications

Power supply       Mains 230-115 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 80 VA       Optional       Battery 12 V DC, ca. 45 min.              Gas supply       AIR 3-6 bar + 0,5 bar       O2 3-6 bar + 0,5 bar       Optional       N2O 3-6 bar + 0,5 bar       AIR 1,5 bar + 0,5 bar       O2 1,5 bar + 0,5 bar              Ventilation system       Dimensions 500 x 650 x 130 mm (WxHxD)       System semi-open Ventilation with constant volume       Weight 7 kg (without soda lime)       Absorber volume 2 x 0,9 l       APL valve 0 ... 70 cmH2O              Monitoring       Ventilation pressure Pressure gauge       Volume Haloscale volumeter       Optional       Volume MV, VTe, Flow, Frequenz       FiO2 Visual, acoustic       • Monitoring       Alarms Visual, acoustic       Pressure Pmax       Optional       Volume MV, VTe       FiO2       Sensors       Flow/volume Heated wire anemometer       FiO2 El.chem. oxygen cell       1MPG = German abbreviation for Medical Devices Law

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