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Comprehensive monitoring for challenging Anesthesia environment.

Anesthesia Monitor is complex solution for effortless patient monitoring in the OR and beyond - a full range of monitoring parameters, intuitive use, Carestation configurability, transparent device integration and data transfer between care areas. Coupled with the iCentral suite of applications, iPanel information access and interfacing system, modular monitoring is the solution for anesthesia.

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7 years ago
recordkeeping option
I have an S5 Anesthesia Monitor... been thinking about throwing a K-ARKB keyboard on it for no real reason :-) Understand though that the recordkeeping software is required to make it useful. See used chassis and CPU boards float around all the time on eBay... but how does a person tell if a particular one has the recordkeeping option?Reply


9 years ago
Equivalent Piezo electric Buzzer

Hi, Thanks for your time.I am after a buzzer or equivalent which goes to datex Ohmeda anesthetic machine board

Buzzer spec: CEMB26K197-12C04PR.

Thank you



11 years ago
screen not appear

when i turn on power screen not working

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[list]    [*] Two module frame options: five module slots (F-CU5(P)) or eight module slots (F-CU8)     [*] Additional module space for four module slots with extension frame in F-CU8     [*] Insertion and removal of plug-in parameter modules without interrupting other monitoring     [*] Removable ComBar and Remote Controller with ComWheel™ bring monitor controls close to the user     [*] Support for user configurable second and third screen with identical or independent waveform and     numerical information     [*] Wide selection of flat-screen displays     [*] Wide range of mounting elements for the system components     [*] Anesthesia care dedicated user interface, quick access to parameter dedicated and alarm management     [*] User configurable display layout and colors to support up to eight waveforms     [*] Up to 24 hour graphical and numerical trends     [*] Minitrends, split screen and four user configurable graphical trend pages     [*] Extended arrhythmia analysis and comprehensive range of advanced clinical parameters     [*] Help function for on line user guidance     [*] Six user-configurable modes with pre-configured settings     [*] Support for the DIS Interfacing solution     [*] Scalable networking, viewing, storing and export of patient data through iCentral    [/list]

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