Teleflex Medical - Arrow AutoCAT 2 WAVE® IABP
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Teleflex delivers innovation in IABP therapy that will enable you to provide 99.8% accuracy during IABP support and 98% timing accuracy when patients have severe arrhythmias.1,2 The Arrow® AutoCAT2 WAVE® intra-aortic balloon pump relies on a unique combination of proprietary technologies to achieve its high level of performance - even in patients with severe arrhythmias.     
Teleflex Arrow AutoCAT 2 WAVE® IABP provide counter-pulsation support to the most unstable of IABP patients, those with tachyarrhythmias and variable pulse pressures, all while maintaining 1:1 assist and with full IAB volume delivery to the catheter. The AutoCAT 2 WAVE IABP console, when combined with FiberOptix™ IAB technology, utilizes a unique, patented physiologic timing algorithm called WAVE®* that provides uncompromised patient support to a broad range of patients. Yes, even severely arrhythmic patients can now be consistently managed with unprecedented timing accuracy.1



9 months ago
require autocat 2 wave IABP service manual

Hi guys!

I need service manual of teleflex autocat 2 wave service manual. if someone have kindly provide it to me.

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  1. Speed-of-light AP signal transmission overcomes delays of fluid-filled systems 
  2. Reliably anticipates and determines AV closure — before it occurs 
  3. 98% timing accuracy within 12 milliseconds (ms) — even during severe arrhythmias 
  4. WAVE® Algorithm sets inflation point within the beat, even during arrhythmias 
  5. Increases time for coronary perfusion and decreases afterload 
  6. AutoPilot™ Mode consistently maintains triggering and timing — Proprietary Best Signal Scoring software brings automaticity to a new level of reliability 

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Teleflex Medical - Arrow AutoCAT 2 WAVE® IABP

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