Fujifilm - Aspire ClearView -1m Plus
by Fujifilm

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The Aspire product line delivers the exceptional image quality of Fujifilm full field digital mammography using existing mammography gantry systems.        A single-slot unit with a footprint small enough for most mammography rooms, the ClearView-1m Plus is optimal for in-room installations, where high throughput is necessary, in addition to lower volume environments outside of the exam room. Dual-side reading and 50µm sampling produce clear images with high DQE.

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[list]    [*] A high-speed CR reader    [*] Dual side reading with 50-micron sampling    [*] Versatile multi-modality capability    [*] An AWS-c technologist console with PEM    [/list]


Height1330 mm
Length 740 mm
Width655 mm

Additional Specifications

[list]    [*] Cycle Time:     > Approx. 40-65 seconds (HQ)    > 75-85 seconds (Dual-Side)    [*] Imaging Plates:    > ST-VI, HR-V, ST-BD (Pediatrics), HR-BD (Mammography)    [*] Cassettes:    > Type C/CC, CM, LC Long View, DM (dual side mammography), DS (dual side general)    [*] Power Requirements:    > 110V, 7A (Max)    [/list]

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