Hill-Rom - TotalCare Connect
by Hill-Rom

Hill-Rom - TotalCare Connect
Manufactured by Hill-Rom

The power of touch at the point of care.

Designed by caregivers for caregivers for wound care management, the TotalCare® Connect bed is exceptionally easy to use. Clean, simple controls and a large, colorful touchscreen on the siderails give caregivers the power of touch at the point of care, especially effective during wound care management.      
The TotalCare Connect bed is versatile, benefiting patients of all kinds. Ranging from burn wound care to post-operative recovery, the TotalCare Connect bed's advanced microclimate surface help heal wounds and promotes healthy skin while surpassing wound care treatment protocols

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-Terri L.
18 days ago
Error messag
When on rotation my sons bed stops and I get a system erro message that says Air System has been suspended due to an alarm condition. Do you want to restart air system? We push yes and it runs for a little bit then shuts back down. Does anybody have a manual to help me troubleshoot this problem? Thanks, TerriReply


-Marty L
a year ago
Head of bed (fowler) does not go down
The head or fowler section of the bed does not go down. It will go up and the cpr allows it to go down but not the buttons on either side rail. I have checked for voltage and the solenoids are working. Also I have replaced both the valves yet still not fix. Can anyone help??Reply


a year ago
Angle Indicator is not accurate

have this totalcare bed, problem is When i Press the Bed Flat control Botton the bed suppose to become leveled but the angle indicator is bettween 0 and 5  instead of 0.  same as trendelenburg, when i press revirese trendelenburg or vise versa the bed suppose to return to flat position and should stop but still angel indicator is between 0 and 5 instead of 0.  dose anyone know what the issue might me?  thanks



  • Head-Of-Bed (HOB)Alarm sounds automatically when the bed angle falls below 30 degrees, the angle called for in VAP prevention protocols.
  • Line of Site® Head Angle Indicators work in any siderail position, making it easy to see that the bed is at the correct angle.
  • Graphic Head-Of-Bed Angle History can be used to improve processes by capturing the data you need.
  • Continuous Rotation Therapy helps mobilize pulmonary secretions and other body fluids.


Bed TypeElectric
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
Height34 in High, Low-15
Length 94 in Fully extrated
Width40 in with siderails up