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CS 750 Large Scale Washer

Often overlooked in the reprocessing cycle, an efficient cart washer will improve workflow, eliminate cart clutter and reduce the load on your cabinet washers. The CS 750 design, based on the performance of the CS 720 and CS 721 lines, is optimized for one objective – to clean and dry your case carts, containers and basins as effectively and as fast as possible, ensuring that your SPD will stay ahead of the demands.

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3 years ago
Anti-stress Mats
Can anti-stress mats wash in the CS 750?Reply


4 years ago
Duty Cycle
What is the expected duty cycle/annual cycle count for this machine?Reply


[list]        [*] A full cycle including wash, rinse and complete dry in only 6 minutes        [*] Tank wash system, with rinse water recycle, reduces water use to about 8 gallons per cycle        [*] Dual steam to air heat exchangers ensure fast, complete drying        [*] Three chamber lengths        [*] Full, walkable floor for ease of loading and unloading        [/list]


Height114.2 in
Length 151.6 in
Width120 in
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