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Temperature Monitoring System

The 3M™ SpotOn™ system is a non-invasive, accurate core temperature monitoring system that continuously measures patient temperature with an affordable single-use sensor, providing standardization and a consistent temperature monitoring method throughout the perioperative process. The system is comprised of the SpotOn control unit, sensor cable, a power supply and an optional monitor cable, which are all paired with the SpotOn temperature sensor for use. When the sensor is plugged into the sensor cable, the control unit displays the last two hours of stored temperature data and displays the temperature trend graph.

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  • Non-invasive technique: A single-use sensor is placed on the patient's forehead before surgery and is worn throughout the perioperative journeyNon-invasive method keeps patient satisfaction a top priority 
  • Accurate: In a clinical trial comparing the SpotOn system to pulmonary artery catheters, the SpotOn system bias was less than 0.23 °C¹ 
  • Continuous: The temperature is always displayed. A patient temperature trend graph provides two hours of temperature data 
  • Consistent: The sensor stays on the patient, as it is disconnected from the sensor cable and reconnected at each point of care, eliminating the variability associated with clinician technique and use of multiple monitoring devices                   
  • Measurement readout in celsius or fahrenheit
  • Compatible with all patient monitors that accept YSI-400 type inputs 
  • Extendable height up to 4.5 inches.


Height3.7 in
Length 3.7 in
Weight4.5 lbs
Width1.7 in
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