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dapts to virtually any fluid warming need from KVO to 30,000 mL per hour.

The system utilizes dry heat rather than water and offers intuitive, simple solutions to the most complex warming needs.                            The Ranger blood/fluid warming system covers the entire spectrum of fluid warming – from KVO to 30,000 mL/hr – with one warming unit. Sophisticated, highly responsive aluminum heating plates disperse heat quickly, responding to flow changes with even, consistent heat. Plate temperature is monitored four times per second and is accurate within 1°C.

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4 years ago
Is there a procedure for adjusting the temperature. The so called service manual has no technical data other than a temperature check. It's a rather simple device with a temperature controller. Doesn't make sense to have it shipped into the vendor for something that simple. That being said they use a Honeywell micro controller. DC70A. Any suggestions?Reply


[list]    [*] Safely and effectively warms fluids from KVO to 30,000 mL/hr    [*] Quickly reacts to changes in flow rate    [*] Uses economical, easy-to-use disposable warming sets    [*] Meets all American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) guidelines for warming blood    [*] Quick and simple maintenance    [*] Highly conductive warming plates maximize heat transfer    [*] No excess heat is retained in the system, so flow changes will not overheat fluid  [*] Low-resistance flow path is engineered for optimum performance    [*] Warming plates are ideally spaced for optimal surface area contact    [*] Built-in safety features provide added protection    [*] Operating set point at 41°C    [*] Audible and visible system alarms if fluid temperature exceeds 42°C    [*] Audible and visible under-temperature alarms    [*] Secondary alarm system provides fail-safe backup    [/list]


Height4.5 in
Length 10 in
Weight7.7 lbs
Width7.5 in
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