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by Coolview

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Portable Exam Light

The Coolview™ Model 2100 XT is one of the first portable LED medical exam lights offered worldwide that features energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as opposed to halogen or xenon lamps. The new portable exam lights do not require bulb or fiber-optic cable replacement and produce bright, white light with a color temperature of 6,500°K, matching natural daylight. Coolview's™ patented technology provides caregivers with a superior exam light that offers industry-leading lumen performance at 140,000 lux at 14 with an estimated 50,000 hours of life, and no heat generation. Coolview™ cordless LED exam lights operate on rechargeable batteries, freeing the light from any tethering - it's completely mobile.        The LEDs used in Cool-View portable exam lights provide true tissue color rendition and a uniform spot, focusable from a 50 mm  120 mm area, with no dark or hot spots, and no heat dissipation for greater patient comfort and safety without tissue degradation.        The unique, patented technology produces a highly efficient cooling system which enables LED light transmission at never before achieved intensity, color and brightness, all at minuscule operating costs.        These operating costs are reduced by up to 93%, and maintenance costs by almost 100% due to a remarkable warranty and no parts that can break or suffer from wear and tear.        With 140,000 Lux at 14 inches, the powerful beam is about equivalent to direct sunlight. The 2100 XT portable exam light has a super bright beam with an adjustable headlight and built in rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Its non-tethered design allows unlimited freedom of movement.

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  • Cool-View 2100 XT Portable Exam Light and Stand 
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery


Weight9 lbs
Color Temperature6500 same as daylight

Additional Specifications

  • LUX output:140,000+ LUX @ 14 inches 
  • Battery life: 4+ hours / charge  

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