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URIT - 810
hello i need service manual with diagrams of urit 810 plz help thanks in advace.

RE: URIT - 810

shan ahmad posted 15 minutes ago

Added  Apr 6 2020
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Aeonmed - VG70
Could any member send me the service manual of the AEOMNED VG70 ventilator?

RE: Aeonmed - VG70

DABU posted an hour ago

Added  Apr 6 2020
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Good day, Please our machine is continuously showing blank error even after an eructation. Can someone please help me on what to do. Thank you.

Isah Muhammad posted 2 hours ago

Added  Apr 6 2020
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I found a few references to devices (usually a HA "add-on" in a form of e.g. a necklace) with microphone arrays (more than two mics as in most HAs). Two products come up when I google: Etymotic Researchs ArrayMic and Starkeys Radiant Beam Array. However, all the references I could fine are very old, so presumably there are no products currently on the market that use microphone array technology. I guess these very not commercially successful. Views on these? Why didn't they take off?

RE: Audiometer

LawsonCade posted 3 hours ago

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The thing with blood cultures is that generally there is only one bacteria that should show up in the bottles and on cultures. It will be pretty obvious if there is some type of skin contamination because it will be a mess if it comes off of the instrument positive and it's plated and incubated. In my experience with anaerobic blood culture bottles and plates, anaerobes are pretty resilient to small amounts of air for short periods of time. I'm pretty sure anaerobic bottles also have a way to maintain an anaerobic setting while incubating in a blood culture bottle instrument. The point of blood culture bottles is too quickly culture small amounts of bacteria that might be in the blood. Generally you're not going to have the same competition for media that you would with another more dirty sample. We also used blood culture bottles for body fluids but unfortunately sometimes doctors would order a sample that isn't actually a sterile body fluid to be put into blood culture bottles and it ended up growing a bunch of junk because it was something like fluid accumulation around intestines or they had some type of punctured intestine that released the bacteria into the abdominal cavity. Those we're fun to work up!

RE: Blood Culture Analyzer

FrankCade posted 3 hours ago

Added  Apr 5 2020
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Datex Ohmeda - Aespire S5
We are designing Category 2 Medical Gas and Vacuum supplies to support (4) of these anesthesia machines and are looking for published data on the average consumption of Medical Air, Instrument Air (for venturi), Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. We would appreciate any assistance in reaching qualified sources. Rick Cathers XL Engineering 208.571.5534

RE: Datex Ohmeda - Aespire S5

Rick Cathers posted 8 hours ago

Updated  Apr 6 2020
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How to turn off compressor


Amscopolaris replied 33 minutes ago

Added  Apr 5 2020
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AGFA - Mamoray Classic E.O.S.

I want this book for this machine Agfa classic eos  please

RE: AGFA - Mamoray Classic E.O.S.

Hsaeed posted 15 hours ago

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Is it possible to add a USB card to a GE OEC 9800 VAS-8 C-arm for image output? Jpeg or bmp, not DICOM format. Possibly by taking out the PC Card drive or 3 1/2 floppy drive? The system has the upgraded motherboard which had a USB port internally so Im assuming it would recognize a USB card in respect to drivers... Any advice on how to accomplish this would greatly appreciated. Thanks and stay safe everyone...

RE: Mobile C-Arm

Mike E replied 9 hours ago

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7flite29m6 ic not working

NisarQamar posted 18 hours ago

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